Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission as a Catholic primary school in the Penrith community, is to provide a learning environment where all members feel welcomed, cared for and supported.

The St Nicholas of Myra school motto is "Truth Through Learning" - in this way, we hope to communicate the message of God's love for all people.

As a school community, we value and celebrate:

  • opportunities to share our faith
  • caring for others in our community
  • each child’s social, spiritual, emotional, academic and physical growth
  • each individual according to their strengths and needs
  • the continued development of our school curriculum
  • opportunities for professional and personal development
  • parents as partners in the education of their children
  • a safe and healthy environment for children, teachers and parents
  • open communication

We work to develop young people who:

  • love learning
  • are literate, numerate and technologically skilled
  • think creatively and critically
  • work in teams using skills in cooperation, communication and negotiation
  • are flexible and reflective