We are so excited to have all of the students return to school! We felt this was a great time to celebrate all of us reuniting as our Catholic Faith Community

Today the students and staff have had the exciting news of our School Logo Renewing and Reimaging. We are excited to launch this new logo which; 

  • Represents Our Catholic identity, 

  • Reflects the history of the Saints and Religious Orders whose footsteps we have followed; St Nicholas of Myra, St Mary MacKillop and the Jospehite Sisters 

  • Acknowledges the fact our school is here based on people who have come before us, who are here with us and who will be with us in the future

  • Shows that the Catholic faith and education begins at Baptism

  • Demonstrates the learning pathways that begin with the parents (the child’s first educators) and lead to their individual learning experiences. This logo is the visible image to promote the great learning and teaching pedagogy throughout the school.


We have attached a short video which is a narrative of the design and its rich and deep meaning. I would like to acknowledge and thank the approval and support of 

  • Mr Greg Whitby Executive Director Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

  • Christine Howe Deputy Executive Director and Director Strategic Delivery Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

  • Father Joe Manjaly (Parish Priest) 

  • the Parish Council

  • Our Parent Group 

  • Our School Leadership Team and Staff and 

  • Most importantly our students whose feedback from today was so infectious with positivity and excitement.

At the beginning of 2022, we will be launching an official school Facebook page. 

This change in our school logo will subsequently change the school uniform. Due to Covid-19 Lockdown there is already a delay in being ready for the start of 2022 (which was initially our plan and ideal situation) for which we apologise. We took this change to the uniform as an opportunity (based on the feedback we have previously received) to simplify the options. We shared the uniform story board with the staff and Parent Group prior to finalising the uniform. Due to the delay in uniform supply, the change of logo and in consideration of all families; but particularly families with children in Stage 3 and this year's Kindergarten, we have decided on a two year transition process from the old to the new school uniform. Further information regarding this transition and a uniform storyboard will be provided in the next two weeks; as we wanted to focus on the story of our school.

Today is about recognising the symbolism of the new logo and celebrating who we are as a Catholic School.

If you would like further information detailing the context, please email the school requesting a Contextual Change Process for St Nicholas of Myra Logo.


2021 St Nicholas of Myra Logo

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St Nicholas of Myra Primary School Penrith

St Nicholas of Myra Primary School Penrith


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